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Subscription cleaning

Specialist in cleaning – an expression or a simple fact?
By trusting us you can be confident that your premises will be clean.
Subscription cleaning is not luxury, it is a convenience for your office, home, factory, warehouse, car park and adjacent areas.
However often we clean, we will make everything easier and cleaner.

Subscription cleaning includes:

  • Airing work areas.
  • Vacuum cleaning and removal of stains from furniture and soft floor coverings.
  • Sweeping or vacuum cleaning of hard floor coverings.
  • Dry and wet cleaning with professional cleaning agents and machines for hard floor coverings.
  • Regular cleaning of glass and entrance door frames.
  • Collection and removal of waste from containers and ashtrays and disposal of such in places determined for the purpose.
  • Cleaning and wiping of dust from work tables, desks, shelves, skirting boards, office equipment etc.
  • Cleaning, disinfection and deodouring of sanitary areas.
  • Regular replacement of toilet paper, liquid soap and hand towels.
  • Cleaning (snow removal) and tidying of adjacent areas.
  • Day-long maintenance of cleanliness.

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